April 23, 2007


Before NBC's Fear Factor there was... Prince Charles's "Operation Raleigh":
Saw Barbara Walters interview Prince Charles...He talked about a project he was working on - Operation Raleigh. He said it was a camp where kids "conquer nature" nature and release their aggressive instincts in a natural setting. He said all adolescents should go through the equivalent of war - without its dangers. To get in the camp the adolescent must pass tests such as: putting their hands into a bowl of maggots and weighing a python - all for the building of character. The prince also said that many times you go through a period of great distress and then look back upon it and consider it good for you. Reminds me of G. Gordon Liddy and his book Will. (--journal entry from 1984)
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Poetry Monday
Drunk-With-Sunshine -
the weather sensitive Indian -
spent the sun day outdoors
riding pale face’s steel horse
into the blue west while
drinking cheap whiskey
and smoking tin’d cigars.

Six o’clock comes
and the yolk is spent,
split by the Western tree.
The elder Wise-Men-Fish-Here speaks,
says to Drunk-With-Sunshine:
“The salmon is the king of fish
because he swims upstream.”
* * *

Parody is Therapy site updated...

...with the report that "gotcha" journalism has jumped the shark.

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From a Peggy Noonan column: "One watches all of this and wonders: Where are the grown-ups?" (concerning politicians response to Virginia Tech)

"The issue now is not left versus right or democrat/Republican but adult/child." - George Weigel (overheard on Catholic radio, presumably concerning war in Iraq)

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Turns out that Katie Couric committed blogging's unforgivable sin: "Couric took another P.R. hit recently when it was revealed that her CBS blog, Katie Couric's Notebook, was written by a producer. The ghostwriting became public only when CBS fired the producer for plagiarism." I can assure the reader that this blog is 100% authentic, hence the planted spelling and grammatical errors. :-)

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Was it Eric Scheske who joked that he now distrusts the wisdom of the American people because of someone who was recently voted off American Idol? I feel the same way when I heard that 37% of Americans approve of Bush's handling of the economy.

4.4% unemployment - lowest in ages... Dow near 13,000...

It probably shows either the power of the media (to make the good economy a non-story) or a sign that if you do something wrong (say in foreign policy) it'll "leak" over and taint everything else.

By the way, the strong Dow reminds me of a Bottum-Novak debate I heard on Catlick radio a month or two ago. Bottum pionted to the weak stock market while Novak called it a a blip, a mere buying opportunity. Point Novak.

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Ham o' Bone had the same idea as Sheryl Crow, albeit with a different "end" in mind.

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