July 30, 2007


Touching tribute to former Xavier University basketball coach Skip Prosser, who dreamed of someday retiring to Ireland and "planting a chair on the green grass above a cliff facing the Atlantic Ocean and reading a good book." And from the "only the good die young" dep't:
A cynic might suggest we shouldn’t be too good in this world, lest we become too needed in the next. Today, he has a point.

Our loss, St. Peter’s gain. Dream well, my friend.
An emailer wrote the author of the piece saying, "You can’t do much about when you die or where you die or how you die. But you can do something about the way people think about you after you are gone." That sentiment always strikes me as odd, this concern for one's legacy. With faith, only God's opinion matters. Without faith, nearly everyone is forgotten in hundred years anyway. (Diderot wrote, "Posterity is to the philosopher what the next world is to the religious man.") As Mother Teresa said in a different context: "You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God."

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