August 28, 2007

He Jests Who Rarely Felt a Wound?

Rich Leonardi wrote that a friend of his was fond of saying that "the real fault line in Christendom lies not between Catholics and Protestants but between orthodox Christians and progressive agitators." And I recall Archbishop Sheen saying something along the same lines.

So it was semi-surprising to hear not just the usual shots taken at Mother Teresa by Chris Hitchens, but also from a local Baptist pastor who has a radio show. (Whose show I've heard all of ten minutes over the past year but fate would have me catch this. The pastor of my Byzantine church calls the radio station "poison", but that always seemed a bit strong to me.) While presumably Mother Teresa's primary crime was being Catholic, Burney opined that darkness can happen, but that it should abate. His lasted seven years, but then it was gone. Hers lasted 45 years until her death proving, what exactly? That he's a better Christian or that his doctrine is true? I'm certainly not without sin on things ecumenical but...

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