September 02, 2007

'70s Music Reference Heard at Mass --film at 11

In the homily today, our pastor said that he sees a big difference in couples preparing for marriage these days compared to thirty years ago. Now they are serious; they are open to what the Church wants. They are not complacent about marriage.

Thirty years ago it was "the John Denver era" and couples played JD songs in their ceremonies. He joked that the good thing about being age is that you delay having to give God an account of why you allowed John Denver songs in weddings.

He said thirty years ago they had a list of expectations and they'd come back in ten years and tell him, "Father, it's not working." "Why?" "Because they did not meet my expectations, did not fulfil my needs. I married a flawed individual."

And so it goes. Father said that every married couple should identify with the crucifix. Not because marriage is a crucifixion, but because that is a picture of what love is really about.

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