October 19, 2007

Various & Sundry: Political Edition

Ham o' Bone writes that we are "living in the land of RINOs", noting that 6 out of the 10 GOP OH Representatives voted to override Bush's SCHIP veto. Mention the word "children" in legislation and representatives fold like vampires before garlic. Maybe it's subterranean guilt over allowing the killing of children in the womb, but it's ironic given how so many liberal programs use kids as their trojan horse.


Even (especially?) government in the form of government schools scam us. Want to know how much teacher salaries are going up? Good luck. Here's something from a candidate for the school board:
A key sentence in the newspaper story [about school salary negotiations] was this:
The first wage increase negotiated for the teachers took place in January 2005 with a 3.5 percent hike, followed by a 3.65 percent raise in 2006 and again in 2007.
As I alerted readers in an earlier post, this is not the whole truth. The members of the teachers’ union get two raises each year. The first, the one noted in this story, is the amount that the entire payscale is raised.

A teacher with a Master’s degree and 10 years of service in 2006 becomes in 2007 a teacher with a Master’s degree and 11 years of service... [The actual increase in pay] becomes 7.95%. When $96 million of our annual operating budget goes to pay salaries, the difference between 3.65% and 7.95% is $4 million per year. Isn’t that worth more complete disclosure? This is my #1 complaint about the way our school system is run – the leaders hide the truth.
Meanwhile, here's a remarkably accurate summary of the glossy, full-color newsletter we get at our expense from the school district:
Vote for the levy if you care about the children!
In other words: "Trust us, because we wouldn't spend your money stupidly!" Bwwwwaa-haaa-haaa! (Nevermind the recent deal with a developer to put in a mile long water line costing us $834,000 which the developer gets to use for free. Say what?!?)

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