December 13, 2007

"Drank Another Glass of Skim Last Night..."

Cracks me up how Jim Curley goes from the profound (JPII) to the quotidian (milk) and back (Our Lady on the Tilma) so easily. This is stream-of-consciousness par excellence:
There is so much good stuff at The Bride and the Dragon I never have time to read it all. For example, look at today's lead article on living simply and living wages. And then go down and read John Paul II - the man I loved from last week-if you get that far. There is a lot in between you can get stuck on. Drank another glass of skim milk last night-and still didn't notice a difference. One of our parishioners brought a beautiful picture of our Lady on the Tilma back...
What I do in a blog he does in a blog post! I can relate to his milk situation as I too love milk and drink it by the gallon (though not necessarily at one sitting). I went from whole milk to 2% milk to 1% milk...haven't made it to skim milk yet.

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