January 21, 2008

Quick Hits

In college I was shocked that learning wasn't a deity shared by most fellow collegians; the lack of learning in college seemed as nonsensical as Christianity without Christ.

Being exempt from caring what others think gives you the courage to write what you otherwise wouldn’t write. It gives you the space to begin, and beginnings always means errors and stumbles.

The true torture is not in being accepted or rejected - both have exquisite pleasures - but to be somewhere in between.

Do we not know, deep down, that the only thing that could (or should!) move the sinner to repentance is the knowledge that God loves him? Did not Christ say that he would be glorified when he was lifted up (on the Cross, showing his love)? The only evangelistic impulse worthy of the name is carried by the he who is in love with being loved. What else motivates anybody? The whole reason for anything is the simple syllogism: God loved us first, and so we love Him.

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