May 24, 2008

Airport Conversion Story

It's not every day I read a conversion story in the Columbus Dispatch, but here's a snippet I found in today's edition concerning the Cleveland airport's chapel:
"It's a family, a community of faith," said Diane Doerpers, Charles' wife, who volunteers at the chapel.

Eric Riggs is part of that family.

The aircraft mechanic for Continental Airlines works on Sundays.

Raised a Presbyterian but never baptized, Riggs said he used to go to the chapel on breaks "for some quiet and meditation. One day, I heard the door close and the bells ring, and I realized that Mass was beginning. I was nervous; I didn't know what was going on. But I stayed."

And listened.

And later spoke with Doerpers.

On Easter 2007, Riggs joined the Catholic Church. These days, the Olmsted Township man reads Scripture for those at the Sunday Communion service.

"If no airplanes are calling, I have another calling," he said.

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