May 27, 2008


Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children and no theories. - John Wilmot

Philip understood that it wasn't enough to tell young people not to do something -- you had to give them something to do in its place. So at Carnival time, when the worst excesses were encouraged, Philip organized a pilgrimage to the Seven Churches with a picnic accompanied by instrumental music for the mid-day break. After walking twelve miles in one day everyone was too tired to be tempted! - the Philip is St. Philip Neri, via "Ten Reasons"

Mrs. Clinton's supporters are now complaining about the Hillary nutcrackers sold at every airport shop. Boo hoo. If Golda Meir, a woman of not only proclaimed but actual toughness, heard about Golda nutcrackers, she would have bought them by the case and given them away as party favors. - Peggy Noonan

[Jim] Wallis is, of course, a key player in the Democratic party’s “religious outreach” efforts. He modestly describes his political preferences as—in a book by that title—God’s Politics. So much for depoliticizing religion. - Fr. Neuhaus of "First Things"

Alert readers will notice that I studiously avoid current events, mostly because I have no great insights to add to what I hear on NPR or read in the New York Times... - Francis X. Clooney, S.J., at "America" magazine blog, humorously (albeit unintentionally) illustrating the Left's embrace of all forms of diversity except diversity of opinion (nominated by Terrence Berres)

You can't vote for Obama unless you hate him --- You don't hand a suicidal man a loaded revolver unless you hate him. You don't give a thief the combination of the bank safe unless you hate him. You don't give an angry cuckold a knife and access to his wife's tied-up lover unless you hate him: unless what you will for him is damnation. You don't turn a bunch of Jews over to the Nazis unless you hate not only the Jews, but the Nazis too. And you don't turn over executive power in America to a man whom you know with moral certainty will unilaterally issue executive orders authorizing particular abortions which are now illegal unless you hate both the children he is about to kill and yes, the man himself. - Zippy of Zippy Catholic

The death-toll keeps climbing and the images that are coming back from the devastation in Myanmar are heart-wrenching. The only thing that could make this worse is to have a country run by paranoid generals who won’t allow much aid to reach the victims. Sadly this is happening...This puts President Bush’s lackluster response to Hurricane Katrina in perspective...I am amazed at the 9/11 conspiracy nuts who think the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon were an administrative plot. This White House couldn’t get ice to New Orleans. - Phil of "Please Hold Your Applause'

There are certainly precarious or non-sustainable (in the sense of centuries) things about our modern economy -- but then, there were precarious and non-sustainable things about the Western economy of two hundred years ago, and the result was that it changed, not that it collapsed..The new Cuban agriculture is clearly taking a lot more work by more people in order to produce the same amount of food (though using less oil, chemicals and machinery) and that is pretty much the economic definition of becoming poorer. Many environmentalists are [negative on large scale world farming], but when talking to my co-workers from countries like India and Sri Lanka, the green revolution (in all its chemical-using and oil-burning glory) marked the point where their families began to be able to get as much food as they needed, and their parents no longer had to stand in line for a few hours to get the weekly ration of rice. - Darwin Catholic

Theocoid --- you understood my book precisely. The Lord is putting aside His Divine knowledge in order to "pitch His tent with us" as John puts it. He could draw on His omniscience any time but He chooses to experience things with us. The Gospel of Mark is filled with passages that indicate that this was the Lord's choice while on Earth. And also we have the Letter of the Hebrews describing in beautiful words how He was tempted in every way as we are, except that He did not sin. Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated. Anne Rice, Rancho Mirage, California. - Anne Rice commenting on the humorously titled "Is My Phylactery Showing?" blog

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