May 14, 2008

The Hillcat Chronicles

I heard someone say recently Hillary is only loved when she's behind. And thus humble.

I think that's likely true, which is why she won New Hampshire. And why she originally won her Senate seat. When she has been humbled by scandal (Bill's behavior) or by a loss (Obama's win in Iowa) it makes her softer, more sympathetic.

It seems a lifetime ago when Bill & Hillary cut that cutesy ad where they're in a restaurant trying to decide which tune to play.

Back then she seemed so ahead of the curve, so in control. She was like Snow White among the seven dwarfs. Or like a pool shark looking for victims. Or maybe just a shark.

But at the time of the ad it seemed a perfect Clintonian gimmick. You can imagine them sitting around a war room table saying, "Hey you know what we need? Something interactive, something to get them to the website, and let the kids think they're in charge of something. How about the campaign song?"

Schtick from long ago
The Clintons had the advantage of the slick advertising, lots of money, and years of planning. (The Hillcat was planning for running for president in the womb.)

You get the sense that humility has an extremely short shelf-life in Hillary. The sense of entitlement would resume almost immediately; had she won a couple more states and eeked out the nomination, by convention time she would've forgotten the difficulty it took to get there.

Or maybe that's unfair, but if it be true then it's not an unusual story. It's the story of nearly all of us.

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