May 23, 2008

Kim: "It was Bingo Hell"

"Bingo Hell" is somewhat redundant ("bingo Purgatory" perfectly so). Out of sympathy, I pass this along to bingo co-worker Kim:

Good for birthdays, anniversaries, Arbor Day...She writes,
"That was the worst Bingo night ever... It was Mom, me and Matthew selling instants when Larry’s trade was calling. 3 people selling tickets and a lot of nasty customers to deal with. To add insult to injury they didn’t even order us pizza."
Sometimes I think our bingo is less about the actual bingo game than about selling instant winner tickets. Isn't it sort of odd that over the course of 4 hours, 120 customers need more than three ticket sellers, if ticket-selling is just a mere add-on to the game itself?

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