May 14, 2008

Rank Punditry

Amy Welborn mentions personalities she likes despite disagreeing with them:
They’ve also lined up the best panel, partly because they have no one that I can’t stand. No Keith Olbermann, no Hannity or Colmes, and Larry King only shows up later. Like the Anchoress, I’m putting Donna Brazile on my “Pundits you most disagree with but love the most” list - but then I’ve always liked Brazile. But you throw Begala, Bennett, and the others in there, and you’ve got some watchable stuff. Is it the “B’s?”
Of pundits I can't stand, Olbermann and Katrina Vanden Heuvel head the list. (Thank God for the "fast forward" button on Tivo.) Paul Krugman is terrible too.

Of pundits I disagree yet like, numero uno is James Carville. On Meet the Press, at least, he behaves himself and is very likable. I like Brazille too. And who doesn't love Dee Dee Myers?

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