June 04, 2008

Bernadette Soubirous

Fetching on the celluloid
though Godfully distant
once there was a blessed cast
to the human tint.

Happiness was not her lot
her sentiment she’d keep
“Would you eat the grass?” 'twas said,
to make the sinners weep?

Would she don the purple cloth
and hold the mocking reed,
Expose the hidden heel of hers
and bear the killing seed?

Would she crawl upon her belly
like the ancient foe,
would she substitute herself
like the Christ of woe?

Children think their parents cruel
until they understand,
Bernadette did not complain
her way she'd not demand.

Relief she found one April day
that spring in Nevers, France,
her happiness had come at last--
'twas now her time to dance.

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