June 04, 2008

E Pluribus Unum, or Something in the Ballpark

Was listening to a Christian radio show and a caller who happened to be black mentioned that "every time a black man is put up as a candidate, white conservative Americans demonize him as they have throughout history by either locking him up in jail or killing him."

The host mentioned that he supported black gubernatorial candidate (a conservative) Ken Blackwell and the caller said that whites support candidates who are "weak black men" who "don't know the history of their people", etc.

And so it goes.

And I got to thinking how there are racists out there, both black and white, and how people believe utter falsehoods, like H.I.V. being spread by the government, and how some think Obama is Muslim - but - and here's where the cheery note begins - but overall it seems to not have a negative impact!

For decades we've been believing stupid things and yet the nation muddles through. I'm sure some blacks and many liberals believe I say crazy things, but again even though we both think the other semi-insane, there seems to be little bad effect. We keep motoring along reasonably peacefully. I'm cheered by the fact that we can be so diametrically opposed to each others' ideas and yet not have it erupt in any kind of violence or outright hatred (although there is violence against babies in the womb).

It seems knowledge is overrated compared to the virtues.

And on a different note, even as the family is collapsing around us, with higher and higher rates of out-of-wedlock births, the surprising thing is that things aren't worse than they are. That's not to say it won't happen; it seems like societies in the short run tend to track closely to economics. The house built on sand can survive for awhile in good economies. Nazi Germany, for example, was probably made possible in part by the terrible economy there in the '20s (not to begin to excuse Nazism of course). I suppose weak societies can shuffle along in good economies, but only the strong societies can weather true economic downturns.

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