June 07, 2008

Nature Stream o' Consciousness

And so the sun regales us, the manifold fingers filet us, from the red beat tree, the barricuda florentine, the messianic rock of ground-covering stones absorbing heat. All the senses are sharpened in the pleasantly humid air. There are oxygen-giving herbs & willows, stodgy pines and whispering oaks – oh oak, croak, am I suffering from toxic shock cubical syndrome? Only babe from breast is more unnaturally separated as human from earth and sky.

The sun is equatorial, the flowers propulsive, the landscape lush. A large bush-like tree has needle up-thrusts, protruding spines from the mass of large green leaves and it reminds me of those moments in Florida, or more specifically, Busch Gardens. Pine away, pine away, pine away all!

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