July 21, 2008

Last Week in Review

I've decided I don’t much like alcohol that comes at me too fast. I like the nice trotting pace of beer. Liquor is be quicker but do we need quicker these days? We need to learn how to slow down. Beer is the slow-down drink, something you can linger with for hours.

I came home Tuesday to catch a bit of the All-Star game, though it was disheartening to see the Reds ace give up the tying run.

At the fair, it’s always nice to get in contact with the real, to throw off the versimiltudes of simulcast (don't know what that means, just sounded good). The highlight was seeing the canine sheriff dogs do their thing, albeit not too impressively. It seemed like the handlers basically pointed out drugs or explosives and the dog reacted accordingly. With these dogs, turns out you can hide but you can’t run - they were at least very effective in running down a fleeing suspect.

photo via Columbus Dispatch...
It was a tactile experience and we breathed in the varying scents in the barns: the pigs, goats, horses, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, ducks, geese, cows and lambs. We hit ‘em all. Quick word association game with the various animals after seeing them in their pens: Pigs: “brotherly love” (they were always entwined); goats: “alert fellers”, horses: “the Gallant Ones”; turkeys: “Struttin’”, cows: “beached whales”.

It felt good to use the time, to not let the candle of work burn down the beautiful zenith July days.

* * *

Soft! What yonder brackish lighteth breaks! Oh it is Times Square! The sun doth rise o'er the muted lights of the Square. I recall the ghost of Vacations Recently Past (the Cabin Fever victim is always the last to know). Moments most recalled were keenly meditative, like when slumped like a bum off 5th Avenue waiting for the Tiffany appraisers (my wife & her friend). Or the stillness of that wooden Episcopalian church on 29th - such an odd space for a big city. It look like a bit of England transplanted, the rectory and church having a cottage-like, Shire-like feel to it. The dark interior was desolately empty. The only sign of life was a quiet man, staring ahead unnervingly, sits on a bench in front of the church.

Both vacations, Florida & NY, had a bit of coitus interuptus about them, for their brevity and premature endings. (Reminds me of a joke Col. Peters made on Fox News concerning Iraq - about how men hate premature withdrawal.) To complain about short vacations is likely obscene given how many can't afford a vacation at all, but this merely recognizes the wisdom of Europeans who when they go on vacations take trips of some length.

* * *

Parody blog updated ...with local man who is so authentically suburban that he will be of interest to historians two centuries hence.

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