July 02, 2008

Newsweek's Sally Quinn & Communion

You know someone on the left has overstepped bigtime when America, a magazine perceived as being on the "liberal" spectrum of American Catholicism, gently chastizes you. More here, via TB.

I can understand what she did however, albeit I was much younger than she and not a reporter and religion editor. (Fr. James Martin gets it exactly right in that she should know better.) But I recall back in the '90s wanting to go to a mosque (in the same way I wanted to see the Kremlin during the Cold War; enemies fascinate) and not being particularly interested in whether or not I was allowed into one. The reason was because I knew Islam to be false and thus didn't have to honor their rules since they weren't grounded in reality. Of course this was an uncharitable view and completely disrespectful of the human person. It's easy to conflate the views a person holds with that person, as if they are no longer worthy of dignity and respect. Not to mention that I would like what I cherish to be respected even by people who don't believe in the truth of it.

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