September 25, 2008


I think that, over time, growth in holiness makes it more difficult to vote because one becomes more keenly aware of the evils espoused by candidates and one becomes more scrupulous in that regard. Perhaps it's a natural thing, in the spiritual sense of the word. I was watching the Padre Pio movie the other day, and St. Pio made use of a former con man in the building of his hospital and said to him afterwards 'now let's go to the confessional' since the con man apparently wasn't completely reformed. When the con man is perfectly reformed perhaps his fund-raising contacts will eschew him, such that he will be used differently, just as those who can no longer vote for a major party candidate will also, even if it be simply in their prayers for our country, prayers which carry more weight by virtue of their virtue. It is hard to watch really good people take themselves out of the voting pool, or, rather, to see God take them from the voting pool, but then the maintenance of society is not job one and their collective prayers offer far more than their collective vote.

I've just started Archbishop Chaput's book "Render under Caesar" so hopefully that will help clarify things.

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