September 29, 2008

PTL & Pass the Ammunition!

Well, wow, to quote the famed philosopher Gomer S. Pyle: "Sir-prise, Sir-prise!"

Did I misread Congress or what? Turns out those ol' rascals in the Republican House bunker were the ones rallyin' the opposition!?

Even Gen'l Gingrich of the Fightin' 69th said yesterday that he would have voted for the plan given the lack of alternatives.

Tis a deadly combination when you bring together gambler-purists willing to commit hari-kari and regular folk who've forgotten that there is any connection between Wall Street & Main Street due to decades of left-wing propaganda. To paraphrase Robert E. Lee, it's well that wars and depressions are so terrible lest we grow too fond of them.

So here's today's market tip: stock up on survival gear manufacturers! Yep it's gun-buyin' time folks! Whoa Nellie, it's gonna be a rough one! A good ol' fashioned Noreaster's a blowin'!

I have to say it is rather exhilarating, especially seeing how we were all getting tired of jobs and 401k accounts food, right?

Because, you know, some day the survivalists have to be right, and I'm moving their way: "I'm comin' to meet you 'Lizbeth!" (say like Fred Sanford).

The pluperfect clue that something was amiss was when I heard "executive compensation" being bandied about a few days ago. Now I hate golden parachutes as much as the next guy, agreeing with Dennis Miller that these CEOs should be given actual, gold-colored parachutes and told to jump from ten-thousand feet up, but that was a ominous sign of the unseriousness of the discussion. It's like the passengers on the Titanic spending their precious time writing up a resolution to denounce the Captain after the ship had hit the iceberg.

Right 'bout now I suspect there's a whole bunch of giddy House Republicans drivin' their Chevys to the levy drinkin' whiskey and rye singing "This'll be the day the economy dies!"

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