September 25, 2008

Various & Sundry

It was interesting to see our local diocesan newspaper list blogs in a cover story on the online Catlick world. I was surprised to see no listing of Mark Shea in the seventeen blogs covered; I'd always thought of blog popularity as similar to the evangelical view of salvation: once popular, always popular. But you can lose your popularity, and I think Mark Shea's hard-edge has cost him. Of course, losing status by itself costs him nothing in terms of eternal or even temporal value. I was also surprised to discover that of the variety of different blogs listed I only regularly read Amy Welborn. I feel way out of the blog mainstream (blogstream?). It did remind me that I really should add Shrine of the Holy Whapping to my bloglines.

While on the subject, I don't think it's betraying a confidence to say that the blogger at "Sancta Sanctis" is looking forward to the end of the U.S. elections so that peace and edification will reign anew in the blog world. It's gotten so bad that she's beat a retreat for the home schooling blogs, despite not being a mother or home schooler. And indeed, blogging about politics is the biggest waste since the last government program, but you know, see my blog title. Amy Welborn has the discipline of ten men in not blogging about the subject despite being immersed in it. It's one thing to resist its allures when you're consciously not reading it, but to feel passionately about it and not blog about it? Why, that's positively unbloglike. But then that's part of why she's a national treasure, which Mark Shea accurately said in his more popular days.

UPDATE: Odd, but a reader pointed out that Mark Shea is on the Internet version of the list (though not the hard copy). Hmmm... Gregg suggested it was the power of my blog! But then why isn't my blog listed? Huh? Oh yeah, my blog is self-indulgent and not popular enough, both of which I rather like. Obscurity is grand. But it could be that the blogmaster of the diocesan website reads my blog though I rather doubt it. There was at least one other blog added, in addition to Shea's. I did get a few Columbus-area hits today so I can't rule it out. Everyone loves a good mystery - call this one "The Case of the Suddenly Appearing Shea Link".

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