October 31, 2008

Sometimes the Paranoids are Right

You could say that I'm going to sound like the liberals complaining about George Bush's record on civil liberties but: is it paranoia to be concerned that under an Obama administration freedom of speech and religion might be curtailed? I'm beginning to think it's not paranoia, and that I might've been naive to think otherwise.

A guest on Al Kresta's show mentioned that freedom of religion might be undermined. Certainly there is a thirst for fascism in liberalism which is more easily exercised in tough times and now - even before the election is over - we already get a taste of it in card check plan (with the Orwellian name "Employee Free Choice Act"), and the Fairness doctrine.

See also Neuhaus today and Henry a while back. Update: and Jeff Culbreath's interesting and enlightening post.

An email from an acquaitance put it this way:
[Obama's] chilling response to his four votes against the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act in the Illinois senate was "what would that [saving the baby] say about the mother's choice?" And for all his talk about reducing the "need" for abortions, he told a crowd that if his daughters were to make a mistake and get pregnant, he would not want them to be "punished with a baby". That tells me everything I need to know about his true feelings.

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