November 22, 2008

TV & Politics

For good or ill, we’re in heavy TV rotation with the advent of cold weather. “My Own Worst Enemy” stands heads above any other show on television these days imo. Not that we can know what we’re missing; our universe of reviewed shows is miniscule. But to find one we really like is pretty shocking. We watch “My Name is Earl” out of habit though I could take or leave it. “The Office” is intermittedly brilliant. I especially liked the episode of Michael Scott’s failed love affair. His HR gal was leaving town and by the end he was singing the blues, literally. “Chuck” is also good although, like Earl, it’s a bit soft-porny.

Speaking of soft porn, news of potential Obama cabinent appointments appears to be soft porn to the beltway political junkies. What is this obsession with the Hillcat getting the Sec of State job? Who cares? I mean it sounds like a one day story of mild interest along the lines of “hmm…I wonder why Obama would okay her for a cabinent job when he wouldn’t for VP?”. It’s turned into something ridiculously overblown. The State Dept is a huge bureaucratic organization that will function pretty much the same under the Hillcat or whoever. My impression is that the Department serves primarily a diplomatic purpose but diplomatically the President sets the tone and can’t be much altered by the Sec of State. (See Powell under Bush.) Anti-Americanism occurred way before the Bush administration and it doesn't take a psychic to predict it will continue during & after the sainted Obama administration. To a big extent it doesn’t matter who you have as chief diplomat. But then for liberals hope in earthly princes (or princesses) springs eternal.

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