November 25, 2008

Various & Sundry

Today is the memorial of St. Catherine of Alexandria, who was removed from the calendar in 1969 and placed back in 2002. Here's a link announcing the eleven new celebrations of that year:
....the Most Holy Name of Jesus (Jan. 3), St. Josephine Bakhita (Feb. 8), the Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima (May 13), Ss. Christopher Magallanes and companions (May 21), St. Rita of Cascia (May 22), Ss. Augustine Zhao Rong and companions (July 9), St. Apollinaris (July 24), St. Sarbel Makhluf (July 24), St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (i.e., Edith Stein) (Aug. 9), the Most Holy Name of Mary (Sept. 12), and St. Catherine of Alexandria (Nov. 25).
I particularly like that St. Rita of Cascia (May 22) was added.

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This, from Eric Scheske, is the sort of thing that I really like. The opinions of the long departed can be shown to be dead wrong -- or dead right. More so than present prognosticators which is partially why I've been reading the Orestes Brownson biography; a prophet is interesting. And I like the opinions of giant figures of the past on the subject of religion. In the link above we read of D.H. Lawrence's views and Mr. Scheske's reactions.

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For our "so many books, so little time" file: this book about Irish immigrants looks intrinsically interesting.
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"Laugh In" was sort of the SNL of its day and the producers there wanted William F. Buckley on the show in the worst way, eventually saying he could say anything he wanted, could control the edit, etc... WFB's eventually went on, but his initial response was telling (from "Cancel Your Own Goddam Subscription"):
In re Mr. Schlatter's kind and terribly amusing invitation, my answer is not notwithstanding the admiration I feel for his program. I would rather be a comedian than a teacher, but it was not meant to be, and by dressing in the robes of the former, I diminish my usefulness as the latter. I hope Mr. Schlatter understands. At any rate, please give him my best. As ever, Bill
Now Republican politicians feel the need to play the comedian - it's a bit of a cliche now for McCain & Palin to have their turn on SNL. Bending to liberal media outlets may show flexibility and a generosity of spirit or may shown an embarrassing tendency to suck up to bullies. I report, you decide.

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Another excerpt from the Bill Buckley book: A high school correspondent asked
1) Why is there war? 2) How far out does the universe go? and 3) What happens after you die?
Buckley responded:
1) Because people disagree. 2) Twice half way. 3) I will go to heaven. I don't know where you will go.

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