December 18, 2008

2009 Babes of the Blogosphere Calendar

...special Catlick edition

So many calendars, so little time. A thought came to this mind (that line was for Hambone): why not a "babes of the blogosphere" edition for charity? On the advice of counsel, "babes" briefly became blogueuses, which is a more elegant word for women bloggers. All the proceeds from this post will go to charity although in full disclosure this blog makes no money.

Of course nothing will be racy as this is a Catlick blog and there are ssilverdards to uphold. A main criteria for inclusion is if I was quickly able to find a photo of the blogger. Elena, you'd have been in if your profile picture was bigger. And now...




Kate of Rosemary Sauce, a woman, wife, mom, and writer trying as hard as she can to be the best of each. Not just a pretty face, Kate writes deep posts.


Mrs. Darwin Catholic's curvaceous sister makes her blogosphere calendar debut for the month of February. Not all of these calendar girls are bloggers themselves but all have some connection to a blogger.


The famed Smock of Summa Mamas, leaves her signature smooch wherever she goes. The femme fatale of St. Blog's, Smock specializes in eschewing capital letters. No word if these are actually her lips. [Updated with Smock's pic!]



One of Bill Luse's two talented daughters, Bernadette Luse just won Big Break X and instead of going to Disneyland she is appearing in this calendar! Woohoo!


What red-blooded Catlick male has not a crush on Amy Welborn, the ur Catlick blogger? What Mark Shea is to righteous indignation and Jeff Miller is to humor, so Amy is to charm, literary knowledge and Romephilia.


Meredith of "For Keats' Sake" is a scholar and a gentlewoman who can translate Hopkins into Latin in her sleep while walking walking and chewing gum.


Miss July blogs at "Sancta Sanctis"; a Philippines native, she seeks a man taller than her "who can build bookshelves". She loves Chesterton and romantic novels.


Christine of "Laudem Gloriae" recently called Bill Luse a "perv", ensuring her selection to this august calendar. Enquiring minds want to know why this picture is blurry and whether it was taken in a bathroom.


Any mom of twelve actually deserves not just one month in this calendar but all twelve!


She mysteriously calls herself "Lady of the Lakes". Her blog One Woman's Daydreams now includes a baby on board:


A reader and writer of stories, Miriam even has a book available which incites a bit of envy in all unpublished writers!


A teacher in Texas, Andie looks young enough to be a student. Her blog is called "Theophany All Over" and she takes good pictures too.


MamaT said...

Good choices, TS!

(Even though now it'll cause division in the ranks of the Mamas, just like in any other beauty contest. We'll all be congratulating Smock while figuring out how to BEAT HER NEXT YEAR.....Ahem. Not!)

Funny, funny!

MamaT said...

Oh, and btw, I like it that you have comments now!

TS said...

Thanks Mama, every now again I can't help myself and I post unedifying things like this. Bill Luse encouraged me though he said if I said that he'll deny it.

MamaT said...

Well, as long as it was Bill's idea.......

NOW I see why Smock won--she's the breastfeeding militant!

TS said...

Good point, or should I say points. *grin*

You can't say Bill and I aren't predictable.