December 14, 2008

Extreme Brew

Sheesh, some animals just can't hold their liquor:
Elephants, like many of us, enjoy a good malted beverage when they can get it. At least twice in the past ten years, herds in India have stumbled upon barrels of rice beer, drained them with their trunks, and gone on drunken rampages [including] once uprooting a pylon and electrocuting themselves.
This was funny:
[Calagione] made a stout with roasted chicory and St.-John’s-wort (“The world’s only antidepressant depressant,” he called it).
....although the depressant part may be disputed by some:
McGovern had shown us a paper illustrated with scans of animals’ brains. Alcohol’s emotional effect is unusually complex, he had said. It starts out as a stimulant and only later, when you’ve had a lot, becomes a depressant. Calagione laughed. “Does it work that way for you?” he said. “Because it doesn’t for me. I never get around to the depressant part.”

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