December 15, 2008

From Nordlinger's Impromptus
...I remembered something that Charles Murray said. In fact, this occurred during a Q&A with the New York Times (they don’t only do Bill Ayers):
Q.: “What do you think of Sarah Palin?”
A.: “I’m in love. Truly and deeply in love.”
Q.: “She attended five colleges in six years.”
A.: “So what?”
I loved Murray for that. And here’s something curious: So many of Charles’s biggest fans — bio-cons, generally — are the fiercest anti-Palinites. Kind of delicious.

And, unrelated, but I liked this Peggy Noonan clip:
[Obama] should both reorder the Department of Homeland Security, that hopeless bureaucracy, and change its name. Homeland is a Nazi-ish word, not an American concept at all. And at this point "Homeland Security" is associated more with pointless harassment than safety. No one knows who came up with it. Probably some guy with two Christmas trees in Northern Virginia.

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