January 23, 2009

Contra FOCA

I was going to send Ham of Bone this link and ask he contact our senators about FOCA but then I figured I'd just put it on the blog. I wrote to Sen. Brown saying that while we disagree on the issue of abortion rights, I hope he would vote against the Freedom of Choice Act. Even apart from the pro-life issues, this proposal would radically strip away of the rights of the states to make laws that reflect the will of the people.

Press Bias 101

Ground zero of media bias is coverage of pro-life activism:
Crowd estimates are a thankless task and anyone who has seen the estimates for the Obama inaugural crowd ranging from 800,000 to 1.8 million can understand that. But the headline for this Associated Press video of this year’s March for Life actually had me gasping:
Scores March Against Abortion
Scores? As in groups of 20? Really? Really? I literally have nothing to say about that headline. A GetReligion first: a headline so unfair and inaccurate that I’m left without anything to say.
I'd often wondered whether the creation of the alternative media - primarily FOX News and conservative blogs - have stripped the audience from MSM television shows and newspapers causing them to tilt leftward more easily (since the conservative audience has already deserted them). But I see that as early as 1990 the laughable coverage, or in this case non-coverage, already existed.


dylan said...

Yahoo! yesterday had "tens of thousands" as the pro-life crowd estimate ...

TS said...

Well that's refreshing to hear, especially coming from Yahoo.

Ellyn said...

The 'scores' thing is really funny, except that the bias is so very nfunny. I would hope that if it stays this blatant more people will catch on. Talk about unsubtle!

[The local news had a bit about the people turning out at department stores for their free cosmetics and they used descriptive numbers bigger than 'scores.' But I guess we have our priorities, don't we.]

TS said...

Yeah Ellyn the scores remark is the stuff of parody, except for the fact that bias isn't funny.