January 26, 2009

Get Yer Opinions Here, Half-@ssed $1 & Full-@ssed $2

Andrew Sullivan gleefully links to the reprehensible opinions of newly reinstated SSPX Bishop Williamson. Since none of the opinions Sullivan linked to were of a heretical nature, I'm scratching my head at the non-sequitor nature of his post. Since when does the Church excommunicate the misinformed and grossly ignorant? I'm much more concerned about politicians voting for government policies that result in dead babies than obscure prelates with likely the same size audience as this blog making hateful statements.

Angst about Obama being Obama seems misplaced. Rather, it's simply proof that bad voting leads to bad results. I don't blame Obama for being Obama; I blame Americans for voting him into office. (Democracy is a poor system but it's still the best we've got.)

My thinking-aloud theory for why it's tougher for conservatives to be elected is that the number one axiom of politics is voters never appreciate what you prevent, only what you do. That is, a politician will not get credit for avoiding a terrorist attack, avoiding a deep recession, avoiding a war, or avoiding a tax increase, government bankruptcy, etc..(not that conservatives are always adept at avoiding some of these things of course).

By contrast, extremely expensive middle-class entitlement programs are still seen in a positive light. More surprinsgly, FDR is called one of our greatest presidents despite the fact that the Depression lasted a decade and ended not through his efforts but via Japan's (i.e. Pearl Harbor).


Well, in the interest of being "fair and balanced" I have to say I shouldn't be totally giving up on mainstream media (in this case TIME), especially when it goes and produces something like this. It felt like a Goincidence since I came across this link on the very day of receiving a nice handwritten note in the mail from one of the sisters in that very cloister.

Alack and alas, if I knew twenty years ago I'd have a blog and would get linked by a German-speaker I would've studied harder in German class.

Interesting thoughts touching on free will, about a writer who volunteered to go to an insane asylum:
She is consumed by the question of whether she, and society, have chosen madness, or what has been called cosmetic psychopharmacology, as an easier path than free will and its attendant terrors. (A third meaning, about whether madness and will can exist at the same time, hovers in the distance.) ...

But it’s moving to watch her relearn the basic lessons of life: Sit with your anger, and its handmaiden, shame. It isn’t real, but you need to know where it comes from. Figure it out, then don’t worry about it too much. “Just hand the apple back,” she writes. “Just unknow. Because you can.”

Of course, this is not enough to wean Vincent off her daily Prozac. And by taking it, she answers the question about whether madness and will can coexist. Everyone must take responsibility for his own mental health, even those among us who are touched by darkness. As a compromise in an age of psychopharmacological doubt, this seems about right.


As much as I like my avatar, that of meself holding a fine pint, I'd rather have pictures like these adorn that right corner:
But how does one do so without peeps assuming I'm a gal? Especially since I don't even have mits yet?

Speaking of girls, Kim gives us a Bingo report, although reluctantly since she's of a mind to ostracize me for my non-volunteering. Understandable as just as elections have consequences so does quitting bingo. But she did offer this:
Anyhow, while cleaning up the tables, I found a note. I am typing it word for word as it is written. I thought you might find it amusing.
To Whom It May Concern

I thank you need to invest in a new coffee pot because the one you got up there tast [yes tast] like shi-

Thank you

A Bingo player
The entitlement mentality grows! Now free coffee is supposed to taste like Tim Horton's?

To end on a much happier if no less expletive-y note, saw this from a friend of my aunt's concerning a boy undergoing radical chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant:
The most important thing is that after his bone marrow aspiration test results came back my heart was overjoyed with happiness that now my grandson can truly be happy with his life again. There were no cancer cells found. Although this is fantastic news he will still need periodic checkups for the next four years just to be safe for he is high risk. It was told early on that even though he may not have any cancer the grace period is five years. So with the love of God we pray that he will remain cancer free for the next several years and on...All his blood workup were fantastic. They ran test on his heart, liver, kidney, eyes and ears, everything came back great. We had a meeting with the entire transplant team, and the head of the transplant team who was Dr. W, I couldn't believe this doctor and what he told my grandson . . . he was looking at all the test results that had come back on the computer and when he was done he came right over to J and put his hand up and for the high five to J and said to him at the same time there hands contacted . . . . . . Jordan you are F . . . ing amazing!!!! I looked at him and told him I can't believe who actually said that with me sitting right here . . . he laughed and told me that this is the kind of results that he would like to happen to all his patients . . . it's amazing and J is awesome! I guess he was so happy that he couldn't help himself but he also knows that I didn't appreciate the swearing . . ha! He any case it was great news and we thank God for his answer to so many of you have prayed for J and we as a family thank all of you so much for all your prayers and support.


Peony Moss said...

1. For the picture: what if you captioned it?

2. For the coffee: What kind are you brewing? I recently became initiated into the Guild of the People Who Know How to Use the Church Kitchen 100-cup Percolator. Based on my research, Folger's coffee is pretty disgusting. I've had better results with the Costco house brand of Columbian coffee (it comes in a brown can.) Mystic Monk is the absolute best, but I haven't looked into buying it in bulk yet.

TS said...

Hey Peony nice to hear from you. Captioning the picture is a good idea; maybe "this is not me, but improves the look 'n feel of the blog".

Not sure on the coffee since my job at bingo was to sell tickets. But I'll pass that along to my fellow conscripts.