January 20, 2009

Inaugural Thoughts on the Inaugural...

  • Rush Limbaugh has a high-larious term for the event: "the Immaculation"

  • Fine invocation by Rick Warren.

  • Aretha Franklin has a voice so distinctive and inimitable that "Happy Birthday" would sound interesting, let alone the sublime "My Country Tis of Thee".

  • Loved the violin quartet.

  • How unfortunate that Chief Justice Roberts called him "Barack Hussein Obama". Hasn't he learned from the conservative talk show hosts that you can't call him that? :-)

  • Somebody flubbed up the vows. Initially I thought it Obama, because I wasn't paying attention to Roberts. (The giver of the oath is like the priest at a wedding ceremony: no one's paying him any mind.)

  • I liked the speech. Good Lord was that better than that awful Democratic National Convention yawner. This time Obama spoke about such things as the market being the great creator of wealth, and of how personal responsibility is key. A bit over-dramatic at times in the sense of "the end of the world is nigh" although if we do end up in another Great Depression it'll feel retroactively accurate. As it is, in terms of desperation and danger we're not to the point of "the snow stained red" as it was during the winter of 1776.

  • About the poem, lest said is best. Writing a piece for an occasion, rather than via inspiration is difficult. Poetry, like sexual intercourse, perhaps is best done under the influence of mindlessness rather than mindfulness.

  • Benediction by Lowrey was also a malediction, as far as whites are concerned. You really show your own smallness of spirit when even after your side has won you have to get the last jab in.

    Richard said...

    "... we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist." Perhaps we all can use a bit of unclenching, including Lowrey & Rush (no, not the band). Your side is our side.

    I'm not a fan of prosaic poetry but perhaps Obama thought it a fitting contrast to his own style, among other things. Occasion can inspire and certainly mindfulness is the bedrock of poetry & sex of lasting value...if you know what I mean :)

    In my ivory tower I was hoping for a more serious commission, but stepping down into the light of day I found the quartet to be pleasing as well-- especially the beginning.

    dylan said...

    About Aretha's rendition of "My Country 'Tis of Thee": both Andrew Sullivan and I detected an awkward and unfortunate pause in the middle of the word "country."

    TS said...

    Richard my point on Lowrey was that it ought to be easier for the winner to be gracious. And Rush wasn't asked to speak at the Bush inaugural. I'm just sayin'... As Joe Scarborough said, it's inconceivable that he (or the right) would boo a president, including ones he/they didn't like. That sort of graciouslessness seems particularly noticeable on the left. You can't shake hands when you're the only one with hand extended. Fortunately Obama has graciousness to spare. Let's all hope that he is a positive influence on all of us.

    Dylan I totally missed that. Perhaps because I live out in the country where it's sometimes pronounced like that. :-)

    Richard said...

    I've not suffered that type of oppression so I cannot speak from there. I do, however, acknowledge that residual anger exists and am not surprised. I don't think electing a black president removes the stain of racism and it's likely many people voted for Obama to do just that. Yet, racism & inequalities still exist. You're right though, it was not good form. I'm just trying to widen the context to perhaps allow a ray or two of compassion in. I did not like the booing either. But, I think attempting to pick sides on whether the right or left is more gracious is about as useful as being content with winners & losers

    TS said...

    Oh I think it's always useful to know the truth of things, and moral equivalence is the disease of our time, after all (i.e. Bush= Hitler). That said, I don't feel this blog needs to be other than what it is: a conservative's thoughts amid like-minded folk, often of a ventilating nature. Think of it as emails to friends. It's certainly not for everyone, especially those on the left.

    Richard said...

    as you like it

    MaryH said...

    Tom, pretty much my thoughts as well. I was also really touched by the enthusiam of the crowd. Its nice to see happy about something!

    TS said...

    Yes Mary it was very nice...I got goosebumps when "Hail to the Chief" was played for the first time for Obama.