January 12, 2009

The J Months

"But February made me shiver
With every paper I delivered
--Don McLean "American Pie" (who surely meant January)

It's cold and it's getting colder
It's gray and white and winter all around
And oh I must be getting older
All this snow is trying to get me down.

--John Denver "Winter"

Canadian Geese, like battalions at Normandy

The "J" months - January, June and July - are the most authentic of seasons, the trueness towards which autumn and spring can only point to like calendric John the Baptists. All other months are promissory notes of future cold or warmth, full of the lukewarmedness that the Scriptures warns against. In winter and summer there is the feeling of arrival.

The 'j' in the month names mimic the 'g' in genuine. We are living right now in the dead heart of winter, feeling the quintessential experience of winter just as in June and July we experienced the very essence of summer.

Can we accept the climatic seasons as well as the seasons of our lives, i.e. youth & age?


smockmomma said...

except in TEXAS.

TS said...

To quote a country hit from a couple years ago: "God Blessed Texas".

Richard said...

Made me think of this poem,


Why summer?
Why continue that which only
  exists for an instant?

Life continued is not life

The moment...

-- moment past.

History is a graveyard,
Our life a trail of bones--
Bones to build...

Build a cathedral of context
  and being.
Build security;
Build hope.

Summer speaks the familiar words
  of preservation.

TS said...

Nice Richard...