January 19, 2009

Our Hyde Jeckyl Government

...is the government passive/agressive? I mean it's not a single entity but composed of millions but it's willing to exercise eminent domain in draconian power grabs, to enfranchise the right of mothers to kill their unborn children, and to tax us to the point where we work until May before we can begin working for ourselves. And yet there's a rebate program in order to pay for the conversion of televison signals from analog to digital? Am I missing something here? Is television our soma?


Ellyn said...

Somewhat along this vein, I was watching the morning after adulations of the big People's Concert at the Lincoln Memorial(or whatever you would call it) yesterday. So much for the "people," since it was an HBO exclusive. Not that I care. I would rather have a root canal than watch that, but how very "people" oriented to have something for the "people" on premium cable. Or am I the last of the "people" to not subscribe to HBO?

TS said...

I'm with you Ellyn. No HBO for me. Guess I'm not part of "the people".