January 03, 2009

The President's Bookshelf

I caught a bit of C-Span's White House interview with President Bush, and I thought it interesting that Bush said there were only two things that allow him to "escape" the White House within the White House: vigorous exericise and reading. I'm surprised he didn't say prayer too.

The camera panned the President's bookshelves in the 2nd floor Central Hall, a place where he apparently loves to read. Who isn't insatiably curious about what the stranger on the subway is reading, let alone the president? Here are the volumes I saw with the help of the zoom function on my TV:

  • Team of Rivals - Doris Kearns Goodwin (who isn't reading this? If I'd read this one I could probably opine on whether it's the most overrated book of the last hundred years)
  • an Alan Furst novel
  • Polio - (likely book by David Oshinsky)
  • Apostle Paul - novel by James Cannon
  • Mellon - Cannadine
  • America Alone by Mark Steyn
  • a Babe Ruth biography
  • Opening Day (likely the story of Jackie Robinson by J. Eig)
  • Hemingway's Hurricane by Phil Scott
  • Andrew Carnegie biography
  • Now It's My Turn - Mary Cheney
  • Michael Lewis book (likely "The Blind Side" but can't confirm)
  • Kremlin Rising: Putin's Russia and the End of Revolution - Baker & Glasser
  • 1939 (likely "1939: Baseball's Tipping Point" by Boston & Grisham

    Christopher said...

    Did you catch this story in the Wall Street Journal about the reading habits of President Bush and the ongoing "book-a-week contest" he had with Karl Rove?

    I'm embarrassed to say he has me beat as I tend to dip into quite a few books but have a hard time finishing.

    One of my New Year's resolutions is to read at least as much as our current President.

    TS said...

    Didn't see that link so thanks Christopher. I like your resolution. Definitely the outgoing president is out-reading me too.

    Fred said...

    ah, Christopher beat me, but it looks like your research partly confirms Rove's list.