January 20, 2009

Pro-Life Sunday Homily

Commented on Amy's blog, the rough paraphrase reproduced here:

Our pastor said the politicization of the pro-life issue is very unfortunate in that it closes people off. He said that it has not only divided society but far more shockingly has divided Catholics. He said the politicization causes both pro-life and pro-choice to shut down and the resulting discussion to lack depth. He said pro-lifers will mentally check off that he said something about the cause, perhaps saying "it's about time", while pro-choicers will simply not listen at all.

He said the roots of the issue go back to the 16th & 17th centuries. In the wake of the exhaustion at the end of the religious wars there was new thinking among philosophers and others that God was the problem (though it was the opposite case) and so the solution was to remove God from our politics. In order to do so we would become our own god and to that end control of nature was seen as a preeminent concern. We see it today, he said, in the abuse of the environment, in the rapacious attitude towards it. We also see it in those who think that climate change is totally man's responsibility and make a religion of that such that anyone who disagrees with them is a heretic. Similarly with the life issue: our desire for control over nature has now extended to taking the lives of the innocent. Cardinal Ratzinger and others have warned us about the trajectory of this mindset.


HokiePundit said...

Maybe it was Controversial Sermon Week. Our priest spoke about the Catholic position on sex [alley-oop...], with one of my friends telling me that she ran into one of our professors after the service who told her that she had wanted to get up and leave in the middle of it!

TS said...

Yep...good company at least. They left Jesus too when he said in John 6 that His flesh is real food!