January 22, 2009

Ratings Approval Graph

Since I blogged the other day about presidential approval ratings, thought I'd share this interesting graph and post from Darwin Catholic on the context of past approval ratings:


Gregg the obscure said...

Two things really stick out to me:

1. Clinton is the only one who was more popular at the end of his term than at the beginning. The media's adoration of him served him well with many.

2. Anyone whose approval rating was over about 70% ended up crashing hard.

These two traits will be in tension for BHO.

TS said...

Fine analysis Gregg. The media's role in the BHO administration is going to be fascinating, in part because it pits the media against itself: its partisan tendencies versus its watchdog self-image. (Of course they need not be in tension; abortion rights is a positive thing in the MSM's mind, so they feel protecting the right to kill the innocent is in keeping with its watchdog role!)