January 08, 2009

A Tip o' the Hat

...to Darwin Catholic, who often writes the sort of posts I'd like to write if I weren't writing about waistline changes and four-day vacations. In the link above he fills in some of the backdrop of Zionism. And in this imaginative post, he considers the economics of Scrooge (try to find that info somewhere else) mentioning "from what I've read about the mid 19th century British economy...". And since I've read little to nothing of 19th century British economy this means I learn something, which can't be bad. So I applaud his heavy-lifting and his giving bloggers a good name.

1 comment:

Darwin said...

I blush, sir...

Lest I should come off sounding too erudite for my own britches, I should perhaps admit that since most people haven't read anything at all about 19th Century British economics, the fact that I once read a couple short articles about it allows the appearance of great knowledge for fairly little time invested. So perhaps the "from what I've read of" formulation is a sort of blogsmanship (derived, of course, from gamesmanship.)

Still, thank you very much for the mention -- and be assured that MrsDarwin and I find your blog similarly inspiring. (We also compete to see who gets cited most -- so I think this pretty much cements my victory for at least a couple weeks. )