February 11, 2009


Okay so we all know we're in economic catastrophe mode, but do we have to hear it from the POTUS? I thought he was supposed to calm things down since economic doom and gloom is to some extent self-fulfilling.

I have a car with over 100K miles, failing brakes and old tires and I was thinking this might be a good time to buy a new one, especially since there's supposedly a tax break for new car purchases in the economic spendulus package. But now I'm rethinking things. I'm thinking maybe I should wait.

I thought this was just me but a very smart, hard-working co-worker of mine said the same thing. Then I hear a talk show host say the same thing again, that is how Obama's speech made him think things are worse than he thought. Good for the individual but bad for the economy?

And the President said during the news converence that we're supposedly in agreement that FDR's policies ended the Depression, or words to that effect, though I have a number for you, courtesy George Will: 15. That's the percentage of unemployed Americans in 1940.

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Enbrethiliel said...


I know what you mean. I'm not an American, but hearing President Hope and Change sound so defeatist on CNN has totally drained me of hope that things will change for the better.

I'm no political analyst, but I think his speech was the wrong move. People are going to be hoarding their money now, afraid to spend it.