February 14, 2009


Answering Facebook's eternal question "What are you doing now?":
Christopher Blosser is updating his status on Facebook.
Very literalist, he.


Roz said...

I hate that question because people keep posting things like, "Getting ready to take out the trash in the rain."

A better question would be, "What are you paying attention to now?" or even better, "What's important and interesting?"

Though I do admit there's a certain charm to a Facebook status that reads, "Roz is "meh".

TS said...

"Roz is 'meh'" has much charm to my ear.

Facebook is sort of fascinating for its quotidian nature. It's so boring that it's interesting, in a "spam poetry" sort of way. I agree that a better question would be "What's important and interesting?" but then the success of Facebook suggests that they hit upon the right formula.