March 25, 2009


The reliably condescending Jon Meachem, on MSNBC's Morning Joe this morning, mentioned how the AIG bonuses have become a symbol of Wall Street arrogance but that symbols are important to many. He then relayed the famous anecdote about Flannery O'Connor saying of the Eucharist, "If it's just a symbol, then to hell with it!" Meachem said that this shows that symbols are important to people, when Flannery O'Connor was arguably exactly the opposite!


Anonymous said...

Dear TSO,

A small correction--Flannery was making no such argument. She was, in fact, making a very deliberate statement about the Eucharist--one that is entirely accurate.

Her entire oeuvre argues for the importance of symbols. However, your essential and critical point remains--the person who quoted that line in defense of his own proposition was either entirely ignorant or exercising a kind of mordant irony of which I have long since tired.



TS said...

Good point Steven, I was very sloppy in my verbiage there.