March 29, 2009

Hillary: "Who Painted Our Lady of Guadalupe?"

Fascinating query from Hillary, especially seeing as she'd already been to the shrine before.

The proverbial hat tip goes to Ignatius Insight where I read the first chapter of the new novel (redundant?) by Lucy Beckett and am thinking of buying. Must. control. book. spending.


Anonymous said...

Not redundant. She has written at least one other (but I believe at least 2 others). The one I am thinking of is called something like "A time to ____"(I forget what it was a time to...)

This one was about a Carthusian monk in the time of Henry VIII and his struggles with the closure of the monasteries. (Personally didn't like it, but I may give her another chance. Will have to read the chapter of the new one at II.)

Jim C

TS said...

Since "novel" means new in the original sense it sounded sort of funny saying "new novel". :-)

I may like this book given the subject matter, that is Germany between the wars...

Jim Curley said...

Ah, I get it. - Jim