March 26, 2009

One Way to Quit Smoking....

Tuesday, a friend of my wife's relayed the story of a soldier in Iraq she knows who was smoking a cigarette. He took a puff, then held it in his hand, letting it rest at thigh level.

In the next instant he was shot in the leg. It seems snipers are taught to aim for the glow of the cigarette, assuming that's the head of the target.

The soldier vowed to quit smoking.

May God protect our soldiers in Iraq enduring these sorts of horrors.

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Enbrethiliel said...


During either the Great War or World War II, wasn't there a similar problem with sharing a match to light cigarettes? As the story goes, the time it takes for three smokers to share one match is all the time a sniper needs to take one of them out. After that, "three on a match" became the new "thirteen at dinner." (Is this just an urban legend, though?)