March 31, 2009

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All biblical interpretations share in the hypothetical, relative, "iffiness" of historical study and the word of God still comes through the relativity of finite historical judgments. The relative and inconclusive nature of historical biblical study, in which there is never absolute certainty, is no liability. To long for the Absolute, uncontaminated by the finitude of historical existence, is to disregard the incarnation and to make the Bible into something it is not. This 'scandal of particularity' of a God who acts in history is part of the scandal of the cross itself (1 Cor. 1:23; Gal. 5:11) and is inherent in the Christian faith. Bible interpretation must be historically oriented, because the Bible is oriented to the might acts of God in history. - M. Eugene Boring in book "Revelation"

The God of the Bible is both a God of justice and mercy, of righteousness and compassion, of love and lordship, of order and creativity, of hierarchy and equality. Unless you can hold these antinomies in tension, you cannot paint a full picture of the Biblical God. - from Ben Witherington's review of "The Shack"

Much of the scandal in the Church has come not from the weakness of the few clergy who have fallen so much as the inability of their superiors to acknowledge this weakness publicly. - Michael Dubruiel

I think that giving wealthy and powerful individuals Church honorifics of any kind - whether we call the knights or canons or whatever - is one of the worst, and least necessary remnants of a previous era.) Oh, and by the way - I think Bishop D'Arcy should go to the commencement and do the teaching he asked Mary Ann Glendon to do himself. - Amy Welborn

It looks like the Federal Government is going to be passing out money by the truckload to try to prevent another Great Depression, and a fair chunk of that money is most likely going to end up in Ohio's education system, just because of the political power of the school employee unions. If we're not careful, this (hopefully) one-time influx of money will permanently raise the cost of running our public schools through the creation of all kinds of good and not-so-good initiatives that morph into 'must-have' components of our education system – just like air-conditioned buildings and football stadiums. - Paul Lambert

Ennui is the trouble of those who have no other troubles. - The Old Farmer's Almanac, 1901

When Democrats took over BOTH chambers of Congress after [the 2006 election], the economy was stable and growing, and the projected budget deficit was around 200 billion. Since January 2007, Democratic policies have authored the mess that we "inherit" today. All of the increase in deficits since then have come from the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives where Federal spending originates. President Bush and the GOP prior to 2006 bear some responsibility for increasing Federal spending beyond acceptable limits, for "spending like Democrats" as it were. But today the first sixty days of one party rule under President Obama and the Democratic Party have proven Republicans don't know anything about off-the-charts deficit spending. - Ham of "Social Engineer"

[I'm] contemplating outsourcing my Twittering like other big name celebrities, since I can't take time out of my busy schedule to compose a thought in 140 characters or less. - Christopher Blosser

Be open to the healing of Christ. Never presume that what Jesus has to offer is only for someone else. - Michael Dubruiel in "The Power of the Cross"

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Enbrethiliel said...


I disagree with Amy Welborn on the issue of Church honorifics for people with worldly power and wealth. I think it's clear that these have nothing to do with the personal virtue of the honoured individuals, but with the political or financial support they've been willing to give the Church, so it's hardly scandalous.

In France, it's also a centuries-old tradition that survived the Revolution--which is no small thing. None of the French batted an eyelash when Sarkozy became an honourary canon.

The Church is made up of the rich, the poor and everyone in between, and it is a fact that the first group tends to do most of the bankrolling for Her.