March 18, 2009

Today's Word Among Us Prayer

Yesterday's Word Among Us
Father, I come before you to acknowledge that I have received from you gifts that I can never repay.

First, I received life itself. You didn’t have to bring me into existence, and you don’t have to keep me here, but you do. How can I possibly repay such love? Next, you have given me talents and abilities. I confess that I often use them for myself, for my own pleasure. Forgive me. I repent for not using them to glorify you. I’m sorry for keeping them for myself for my own purposes.

Father, you created me to know you and love you and serve you. You created me for a relationship of love flowing back and forth between us. Forgive me, Lord, for living independently from you. Forgive me for being so busy and self-absorbed that I don’t take enough time to sit with you and enjoy your company. So often, I haven’t listened for your voice or sought your leading as I go through my days. I move through them not really knowing or concerning myself with how you want me to serve and love others, either.

Have mercy on me, Father! I can be so proud and selfish, withholding from others what I take for granted from you: mercy, unconditional love, and the overlooking of my faults. Judgment, blame, and criticism are too familiar occupants of my thoughts. Father, show me how to put them aside for good. Teach me how to love you and others with your own love. Help me to know that love deeply myself, and to be so filled with it that it overflows to everyone I meet. I want to give you glory. I want to know you more. I want to love others as you have loved me.

Father, you are so patient! You never stop loving me. When I ignore you or defy your authority, when I gossip or slander or envy others, when I overindulge my senses—still you love me. Forgive me for those things. I lay my sins and offenses before you. I trust you to deliver and heal and change me.

“Yes, Lord, come and change me! I seek mercy, so make me merciful. I can never pay you back, Father, so let me instead pay the people around me with the gifts you have given to me.”

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