April 14, 2009

Bowgate '09: It's Never the Bow, It's the Cover-up

I don't care whether Obama bowed to the Saudi king or not, but what is mildly interesting is why Obama would spend some of his "liar's capital" to tell us that it wasn't a bow.

Just as every politician has a certain amount of political capital, they all have a certain amount of lying capital. Spend too much and people will begin to think you have a credibility problem and won't believe you. (See Bill Clinton.) And for Obama to spend it so frivolously, on something so unimportant, well...

He really is a spender, isn't he?

My hunch is that it's almost impossible to come up with something original with respect to politics so let's Google and find out:
"Bowgate" or variants: 15,000 hits
"It's not the bow" = 6 hits
"It's not the bow, it's the cover-up" = 1 hit (Kudos to a commenter named Bob Wang on this blog, great minds and all that)
"Liar's capital / lying capital" - 0 hits (Very awkward locution so not surprising that there's no hits; plus people don't want politicians to have lying capital)

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