April 24, 2009

Divine Mercy Ministry Plea

From Mark Fleming of the Divine Mercy Ministry, the founder of a Catholic-based ecumenical prison re-entry program for women located in Columbus Ohio:
God has put an amazing opportunity in front of us! We have option to purchase a 4th ministry home for under 10,000. The home needs some work, and we intend to make repairs with volunteers, Youth ministry programs, and Catholic High Schools who have been working with us for past 2 years!

Please prayerfully consider if you can help or know anyone who can help! We can have up to 20 partners for $500 each, 10 partners for $1,000, or one for $10,000. The realtor already donated $600,and we have 3 $500 donors so far! This home is next door to one of our other ministry homes! Please Pray-Pray- Pray, this is biggest thing we need!...I believe we will be able to pay back any investors within 1-3 years. We will secure loans as a mtg. against home. Please let me know if anyone has interest to help! Thank you for your time and consideration!

MARK FLEMING, Founder/Executive Director
Divine Mercy Ministry

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