April 15, 2009

The Lost Art of Nigerian Scamming?

How lame is this!? Instead of a long, painstakingly crafted email, I just received the following, replicated in full:

It was Resolved and Agreed that your Over Due Payment Claim FUND will be released on a special method of payment which tag CERTIFIED BANK DRAFT/TT TRANSFER OR BY CASH,SEND NAME,ADDRESS,PHONE AND FAX #,ACC.# to claim your fund.Alternative:jekejnr@indiatimes.com.

Dr Jerry
I'm guessing they no longer get paid by the word.


mrsdarwin said...

Ah, what times are these, when Nigerian scammers can't be counted on to address one as "Beloved" or "Honored Sir". A degenerate age, to be sure.

smockmomma said...

i almost feel sorry for the poor shmoes. well, no, not really!