April 17, 2009

School Newspaper

I'd recently learned that my alma mater had put all the old college newspapers online.

Browsing around the early '80s issues, it was a bit disturbing to see how old-fashioned things looked back then, the haircuts and clothes and even the design of the paper. Somehow I thought I might actually remember some of the articles but, of course, I didn't.

One of the issues devoted a lot of print space, a news article and an editorial, concerning Brown University voting to stock cyanide capsules because they would rather commit suicide then die in a nuclear war that Ronald Reagan was sure to cause. Left-wing paranoia is humorous, which isn't to say the right is exempt of course. My friend Ham o' Bone said he was relieved when Obama went back on his campaign promise concerning the way he would do funding. It meant Obama wasn't a true believer. Many of us were also relieved when his cabinet turned out to be a rehash of the Clinton administration. History will judge.

It was interesting to see that back in the day you could publish pictures of a beer chugging contest:

'80s saying: "It's all fun until somebody gets hurt."

'00s saying: "There'll be no fun because someone could get hurt."


mrsdarwin said...

Are you one of those chugsters?

TS said...

Nope! Although I did my fair share of chugging as I recall.