April 27, 2009

Sweet the Rain's No Fall....

...sunlit like Heaven.

Such was the weather this past weekend. Rock star weather, during which there happened to be a minor league baseball game being played downtown.

I arrived at 1:15 for the 1:05 game and was impressively impassive despite the long lines at the ticket window. It's a brand new stadium, a handsome one, so I'd planned to walk around it slowly though ended up coming to a breach in the fortress - these little little gated areas in deep centerfield from which you could watch the game for free! Given that it looked to be a sellout, this was the only good option. It felt sort of Wrigleyesque and I think it's cool the Clippers built-in these windows of opportunity.

I felt a camarderie with the "enemy" centerfielder, a smallish twenty-year old playing for the Indianapolis Indians and standing not far from my vantage point. His foreignness was appealing, meaning the blankness of his story: an unfamiliar player on an unfamiliar team playing in an unfamiliar uniform. I wondered how long he'd been in the minors, what his chances of making it to the show were. Later I looked him up on baseball-reference.com.

So close and yet so far away...

A beautiful diamond...Let's play two!

The gated view

Stage right - lawn and bleacher seats

the really cheap seats...

Later, on a bike ride, the sad sight of a church (not Catholic) being converted to condos.

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