April 30, 2009

Swine Flu Before It Swines You

I'm not going to blast the hype concerning the Swine flu. The battle with microbes has not been won, just mostly suppressed, and just as the boy who cried wolf eventually met a wolf we'll eventually be faced with something on order of the infamous 1918 influenza.

As it happened yesterday my wife and I and her parents were at the OSU Medical Center for a procedure she needed, and today we learn from the Dispatch:
Last night, Ohio State University sent an e-mail to staff members and students saying an employee of OSU Medical Center was being treated there for a probable case of swine flu.
A bit too close for comfort. I hope we all washed our hands afterwards. (I know I did.)

The subject came up, natch, with a nurse yesterday. She said she wrote a paper for her Masters degree on what would happen given a pandemic flu. She said part of what makes it scary is that a vicious flu would not target the young and the old but the most productive, those between 20 and 40, and she said think about how that would affect society in general: how the economy would be shut-down by the shuttering of daycare centers and how caregivers would have to stay home, and of course, policeman, firemen...

Made me want to go out and buy a gun!

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