May 12, 2009

AAD Strikes Again

You can't go to Drudge today without noting the criticism of Pope Benedict in Jerusalem. It seems a particular virulent outbreak of AAD so please don your masks, stay indoors, and limit travel....

Apology Addiction Disorder Spreading in Israel

JERUSALEM--A recent outbreak of the modern affliction AAD or "Apology Addiction Disorder" has been noted in Israel during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI.

Researchers say Pope Benedict triggered the latest manifestation of the disease by failing to apologize for deciding to be born in Germany. This despite the fact there is more anti-Semitism in France now than Germany.

AAD is a malady that is not restored by an apology but in fact "feeds" the condition, making the aggrieved party desirous of further, more intense apologies not unlike the sex addict desires increasingly risque encounters.

In the late stages the disease shows itself by a desire that people even distantly related to some past crime show fealty by crawling on all fours and singing Brenda Lee's hit I'm Sorry.

Some say the apology of Pope John Paul II in 2000 made things harder for Pope Benedict, since expectations ran high.

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