May 21, 2009

An Amateur Did it Better

It's probably not especially newsworthy, or blogworthy, when a Catholic blogger produces a better headline than the professionals at the LA Times but...

The latter's headline read (last week), as reprinted in the Columbus Dispatch: "Pope Calls for End to Barrier in West Bank".

Which certainly got me reading. Did he really?

Well what Pope Benedict actually said was: "First, though, it is necessary to remove the walls that we build around our hearts...".

Immaculate Heart of Mary’s Hermitage Report's headline more accurately reflects the reality of what Benedict actually said: "Hostilities That Have Led to Building of Wall Must End".

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David Murdoch said...

He actually said something like 'In a world where borders are being opened up, it is a shame to see walls being erected'. The pope has condemned both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the past, and I wouldn't be surprised if he blames both sides for the erection of the security barrier.

The wall ought to be removed, but the terrorism ought to stop as well. It's difficult to solve this conflict when people will not forgive each other or learn to love their enemies.

For the record, there are many catholic priests in Israel (including perhaps even Archbishop Fouad) who have denounced the occupation as well as the security barrier which has been causing so much suffering in the territories.

God Bless,